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Do Spiders Crawl on You When You Sleep?

The thought of any type of creature crawling across your bed at night is quite unsettling. But knowing a spider may come creeping across your pillow is enough to ruin a good night’s sleep. Spiders can crawl on you while you are sleeping.  But the good news is that they aren’t after you. Spiders want to avoid human contact as much as people want to avoid spiders. So unless there is some sort of food source for them in or around your bed, spiders are not likely to come crawling on you while you sleep.

Spiders  love to eat bugs and other creepy crawlies.  If you have crumbs or plates of half eaten food next to your bed, flies or other bugs maybuzz around,  attracting spiders. By simply removing any food from your bedroom, you will likely not have any skittering bug friends at night. If you happen to see multiple spiders not only in your bedroom, but in other places in your home, you may have a spider infestation. Giving your local pest control professional a call can eliminate the spiders from your home so you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing there won’t be eight tiny legs creeping across your cheek.


Though spiders try their best to avoid humans, it is certainly possible to get bit. Many species are experts at camouflaging, like the wolf spider, and can surprise you. If you accidentally pick up something with a spider in it, or stick your hand in a pocket, or your foot in a boot, you may receive a painful bite.

There are two common venomous spiders in the United States to look out for. The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are two spiders you do not want to mess with and may require medical attention if you get bit.


To keep spiders out of your home, follow these prevention tips.

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly
  • Take out the trash promptly when full
  • Keep outdoor trash can away from house and always use a secure lid
  • Use a dehumidifier is humid places of your home like in the bathroom or basement
  • Do not eat in your bedroom
  • Wipe down countertops and table with an all purpose cleaner
  • Remove spider webs from your ceiling or behind doors

Spider Control

If you discover several spiders in your home and you want to get rid of every single one, your trusted pest control professional is ready to make that dream a reality. When you set up an appointment with a pest control service, the technician will first thoroughly inspect your home to locate where the majority of the spiders are and why the spiders are coming into your home.

If you are in the Nashville area and want to get rid of a spider problem, give All Pest Solutions  a call today so you can ensure you won’t have a spider crawling on your tonight.


How to Eliminate a Spider Problem from Your Home

Spiders will find a way into your home if there is something they want inside. Keeping these creepy, eight legged creatures out can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, it is easy to identify what is drawing the spiders into your home, in the first place. They are either after food, warmth in the winter, or moisture, especially in a hot summer. Spiders eat insects whether they crawl on the ground or fly through the air. Figuring out how to eliminate the pests that spiders love to eat will actually solve your spider problem as well. If you have a pest infestation in your home, whether spider or other insect, calling in a professional pest control service could be the quickest way to eradicate the spiders from your home.

Preventing your home from becoming a spider magnet

Tennessee is home to over forty different species of spiders, including the two most dangerous spiders in North America, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Spiders are hunters and have to follow their food supply. Some spiders actually hunt down their insect food like Wolf spiders, while many other types create webs to trap their prey. Keeping bugs out of your home is key to keeping spiders away. A few tips to keeping your home free of all pests are to:

  • Contain all food to the kitchen or dining room
  • Do not leave food sitting out on the counters overnight
  • When the trash can is full, take it out to an outdoor bin with a good lid
  • Sweep often
  • Wipe down table and countertops with an all purpose spray
  • Keep a tidy home without clutter

Following these tips to keep insects out will certainly have an impact on your spider problem. But if you are still seeing multiple spiders every day and discovering more than a couple spider webs in corners or around light fixtures, you may have a spider infestation. Giving a spider control professional a call is the best way to eliminate the spiders from your home quickly and safely.

Why do spiders bite people?

Spiders do not bite humans unless they are somehow provoked or trapped. Situations in which spiders will bite include:

  • When they are picked up or caught with exposed hands
  • If a spider is hidden in a shoe when you put your foot inside
  • If they are hiding in dirty laundry and you pick it up, accidentally pressing the spider into your arm
  • When you accidentally put your hand into a spider habitat

Spiders can hide in places that you do not expect that may result in a painful bite, even if the spider’s venom is not dangerous to humans. Be sure to shake out any clothing left on the floor or check your shoes before you put your foot inside so that you do not accidentally trap a spider, causing it to bite you.

If you are in the Nashville area and have a spider problem, do not hesitate to call the trusted team at All Pest Solutions. A helpful technician will be sent to your home for a thorough inspection and treatment so you won’t have to continue sharing your home with spiders.


Spider Control Experts in Franklin, TN

Spiders can be very helpful in reducing other unwanted critters in your home. If you have a spider in the basement or laundry room that is out of the way, you can leave it to catch flies and other pests for you. But a major downside to having spiders in your home is that they are pretty creepy themselves and they can produce a lot more spiders in a very short period of time.

Seeing a spider every now and then isn’t anything to worry about. But if you are constantly seeing spiders and it is causing stress and anxiety, calling in a spider control expert to quickly and safely eradicate the spider infestation from your Franklin, TN home is an excellent idea.  Spiders can lay hundreds of  eggs in a single egg sac depending on the species. You could end up with more spiders than any other pest in your house. Call a professional to assess and treat your spider problem so you won’t have to think about how many spiders may be crawling around your home. 

What does a spider infestation look like?

Besides seeing multiple spiders a day,  a spider infestation has a few more signs that you can look for.

  • Multiple spider webs popping up around your home. If you see spider webs in your home, do not worry. It may only be one or two spiders. But if you are finding spider webs around your light fixtures, behind doors, or across windows, and they quickly reappear after you remove them, you may have a full fledged infestation on your hands.
  • Finding shed or molted spider skins around your home. Spiders have to shed their skin in order to grow bigger. If you are finding what looks like dead spiders around your home, you may actually have alive, and slightly bigger, spiders creeping around your home
  • Other bug infestations. Spiders love to eat bugs and they will strategically build their homes in places that have a lot of bug traffic. If your home has an insect infestation, it’s only a matter of time before the spiders figure this out and come to grab a bite to eat.

Spider control

While spiders often want to steer clear of you, it is possible that you could have a run in with a spider and it may leave you with a potentially harmful or even painful bite. To protect yourself and your family, if you suspect a spider infestation, giving the spider control experts in Franklin, TN a call is the best way to get rid of every last arachnid in your home. Treating your home for spiders goes hand in hand with treating other pests as well. For the best spider control, call the experts at All Pest Solutions.


What Should I Do If I See a Spider in My Home?

Seeing a spider in your home can really get your heart racing. Spiders can scurry across the floor, dangle from the ceiling, or even crawl across the wall. While spiders are not looking to hurt people, they will bite if they feel trapped or threatened. If you scoop up a pile of dirty laundry, you may not realize there is a spider in the pile. If it feels pressed up against your arm, it is very possible that you will get a painful bite. Not all spiders will cause a dangerous wound when they bite, but it can feel similar to a bee sting. Seeing one or two spiders in your home is quite common. You can either squish them or put them outside. But if you are seeing multiple spiders in your home, giving a local, trusted pest professional a call may be the best way to ensure you won’t be seeing a spider in your home anytime soon.

What attracts spiders?

Two big magnets for spiders are food and water.  You may notice that you often see spiders in the bathroom, sometimes even in the bathtub. A leaky faucet or residual water left from a shower can attract spiders. Some species of spider get their water from their food.

 If your home creates a good environment for spider food, you will likely also attract spiders. Spiders eat other pests in your home.  If you leave food out on the counter,  have crumbs in secluded places throughout the home, or have excessive trash, you can attract insects that spiders love to eat. Keeping a tidy, clean home is the best way to keep all pests out, including spiders. Though as the summer heats up and water becomes more scarce, preventing spiders from getting in the house without professional help may prove more and more difficult.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Treating your home for spiders is certainly possible. If you would like to treat your home for spiders yourself, you can try spider traps, insecticides that kill on contact, indoor insecticide barriers, or natural repellents such as:

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Cedar essential oil
  • Mint plants around your home
  • White vinegar spray
  • Orange scent around windows

But if you really do not want to suffer the terror of seeing a spider scurrying  across your kitchen floor or have to go to the ER with a black widow bite, call a professional pest control company  that guarantees a spider free zone. Even if you occasionally see a new intruding spider, you can rest knowing that it won’t be around for long. In Nashville, TN, give the best spider control company a call by contacting All Pest Solutions today.


What Spiders Live in the Nashville Area?

Spiders are interesting creatures who can be helpful in getting rid of flies or gnats from around your home. But that certainly doesn’t make spiders welcomed house guests. Besides being super creepy, spiders can be harmful to humans. Spiders can also create webs in any unused corner or across the ceilings of your home, which can be a hassle to clean. Nashville, like many other places across the country, is home to many different types of spiders. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common or noteworthy spider species found in and around the Nashville area.

Brown Recluse

While these spiders can deliver a nasty bite, a bite can go unnoticed because there may not be any pain initially. Brown Recluse spiders can be tan or dark brown and have a distinguishing marking on their backs in the shape of a violin. Most people associate Brown Recluse bites with huge wounds that take months to heal. But this only happens in severe cases and it depends on how much venom the spider injects into the skin.

The good news about Brown Recluse spiders is that they aren’t on the hunt to bite you. They try to stay hidden away and would much rather never have to encounter a human.

Hobo spider

These brown spiders look very similar to Brown Recluse spiders, except they do not have a violin marking, but rather yellow markings on the abdomen, and it is not venomous.  If you see one of these spiders in your home, it is a good idea to keep your distance just in case it is a Brown Recluse. Hobo spiders also can give you a painful bite, even if it isn’t exactly dangerous..

Southern Black Widow

The other potentially dangerous spider in Nashville besides the Brown Recluse and the most dangerous spider found in North America is the famous Black Widow. Black Widow spiders are all black with a red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen. About 2,500 people go to poison control for Black Widow bites each year across the country. While that may seem rare, it is always a good idea to keep a keen eye out for these spiders.

Wolf spider

Wolf spiders can be alarming because of their incredible camouflage and size. Wolf spiders are hairy spiders that can dig, climb, and hunt down their prey. Some wolf spiders will bite while others will not. A wolf spider bite can feel much like a bee sting but should not require any medical attention.

Call a professional pest control service

If you can’t stand the thought of spiders being in your home, the easiest solution is to call a pest control professional. In Nashville, the company you can trust to eliminate the spiders that creep across your floors is All Pest Solutions. Give All Pest Solutions a call today!