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How to Eliminate a Spider Problem from Your Home

How to Eliminate a Spider Problem from Your Home

Spiders will find a way into your home if there is something they want inside. Keeping these creepy, eight legged creatures out can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, it is easy to identify what is drawing the spiders into your home, in the first place. They are either after food, warmth in the winter, or moisture, especially in a hot summer. Spiders eat insects whether they crawl on the ground or fly through the air. Figuring out how to eliminate the pests that spiders love to eat will actually solve your spider problem as well. If you have a pest infestation in your home, whether spider or other insect, calling in a professional pest control service could be the quickest way to eradicate the spiders from your home.

Preventing your home from becoming a spider magnet

Tennessee is home to over forty different species of spiders, including the two most dangerous spiders in North America, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Spiders are hunters and have to follow their food supply. Some spiders actually hunt down their insect food like Wolf spiders, while many other types create webs to trap their prey. Keeping bugs out of your home is key to keeping spiders away. A few tips to keeping your home free of all pests are to:

  • Contain all food to the kitchen or dining room
  • Do not leave food sitting out on the counters overnight
  • When the trash can is full, take it out to an outdoor bin with a good lid
  • Sweep often
  • Wipe down table and countertops with an all purpose spray
  • Keep a tidy home without clutter

Following these tips to keep insects out will certainly have an impact on your spider problem. But if you are still seeing multiple spiders every day and discovering more than a couple spider webs in corners or around light fixtures, you may have a spider infestation. Giving a spider control professional a call is the best way to eliminate the spiders from your home quickly and safely.

Why do spiders bite people?

Spiders do not bite humans unless they are somehow provoked or trapped. Situations in which spiders will bite include:

  • When they are picked up or caught with exposed hands
  • If a spider is hidden in a shoe when you put your foot inside
  • If they are hiding in dirty laundry and you pick it up, accidentally pressing the spider into your arm
  • When you accidentally put your hand into a spider habitat

Spiders can hide in places that you do not expect that may result in a painful bite, even if the spider’s venom is not dangerous to humans. Be sure to shake out any clothing left on the floor or check your shoes before you put your foot inside so that you do not accidentally trap a spider, causing it to bite you.

If you are in the Nashville area and have a spider problem, do not hesitate to call the trusted team at All Pest Solutions. A helpful technician will be sent to your home for a thorough inspection and treatment so you won’t have to continue sharing your home with spiders.