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What Spiders Live in the Nashville Area?

April 03, 2023 All Pest Solutions Spiders
What Spiders Live in the Nashville Area?

Spiders are interesting creatures who can be helpful in getting rid of flies or gnats from around your home. But that certainly doesn’t make spiders welcomed house guests. Besides being super creepy, spiders can be harmful to humans. Spiders can also create webs in any unused corner or across the ceilings of your home, which can be a hassle to clean. Nashville, like many other places across the country, is home to many different types of spiders. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common or noteworthy spider species found in and around the Nashville area.

Brown Recluse

While these spiders can deliver a nasty bite, a bite can go unnoticed because there may not be any pain initially. Brown Recluse spiders can be tan or dark brown and have a distinguishing marking on their backs in the shape of a violin. Most people associate Brown Recluse bites with huge wounds that take months to heal. But this only happens in severe cases and it depends on how much venom the spider injects into the skin.

The good news about Brown Recluse spiders is that they aren't on the hunt to bite you. They try to stay hidden away and would much rather never have to encounter a human.

Hobo spider

These brown spiders look very similar to Brown Recluse spiders, except they do not have a violin marking, but rather yellow markings on the abdomen, and it is not venomous.  If you see one of these spiders in your home, it is a good idea to keep your distance just in case it is a Brown Recluse. Hobo spiders also can give you a painful bite, even if it isn’t exactly dangerous..

Southern Black Widow

The other potentially dangerous spider in Nashville besides the Brown Recluse and the most dangerous spider found in North America is the famous Black Widow. Black Widow spiders are all black with a red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen. About 2,500 people go to poison control for Black Widow bites each year across the country. While that may seem rare, it is always a good idea to keep a keen eye out for these spiders.

Wolf spider

Wolf spiders can be alarming because of their incredible camouflage and size. Wolf spiders are hairy spiders that can dig, climb, and hunt down their prey. Some wolf spiders will bite while others will not. A wolf spider bite can feel much like a bee sting but should not require any medical attention.

Call a professional pest control service

If you can’t stand the thought of spiders being in your home, the easiest solution is to call a pest control professional. In Nashville, the company you can trust to eliminate the spiders that creep across your floors is All Pest Solutions. Give All Pest Solutions a call today!