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What are Common Signs I Have a Termite Infestation?

April 17, 2023 All Pest Solutions Termites
What are Common Signs I Have a Termite Infestation?

Every homeowner fears the dreaded invasion of termites into their home. Among all the pests that can find residence in your property, termites are one of the most destructive creatures. Termite damage can often go unseen for years, so when you first notice the common signs of a termite infestation, it’s important to find a pest control service you can trust to take care of the problem and restore your home to its former safe haven.

What Do Termites Look Like?

While small, termites can be seen by the naked eye. They often hide in walls and within wood, so you probably won’t find them unless you notice damage and want to take a closer look. There are over 2,000 different species of termites, but all have a similar look. They are between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch long and may be white, light brown or a little darker in color. Because they are insects, termites have the typical six legs, thorax, abdomen and antennae. Some termites also have wings that allow them to swarm. Subterranean termites live in colonies in the soil, while drywall termites build their homes within wooden structures. These identifying markers can help you recognize a termite infestation quickly and take the necessary steps to eradicate your problem.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Because termites hide in walls and within wooden structures, their presence may not be known for a very long time. This gives them the ability to spread and wreak havoc on your property without your knowledge. For this reason, knowing the common signs that you may have a termite issue is very important to catch the invasion as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your home. Some signs to look for include:

  • Mud tunnels around the foundation of your home
  • Buckling floors or ceilings
  • Appearance of water damage on the interior of the home
  • Random dirt trails on walls or in wood
  • Hollow sound when tapping wood
  • Maze-like paths in wood
  • Swarms of termites, especially in the spring

If you notice these things around your home, we recommend you all a pest control specialist to visit your home to identify the extent of the damage.

Preventing a Termite Infestation

The best and easiest way to control termites is prevent them from ever invading your home. Some recommendations to repel termites are:

  • Keep wood from directly sitting on soil
  • Never store firewood in crawl spaces or directly against the foundation
  • Replace rotting wood on structures quickly
  • Use mulch sparingly, especially around the foundation of the house
  • Reduce moisture in crawl spaces and around foundation
  • Install a Sentricon Termite Elimination System to create a prevention barrier around the perimeter of your home

With some education about the common signs of a termite infestation, you can quickly perform an inspection around your home to identify any problem areas that may need to be addressed by a professional. If you suspect you have a termite issue or would like to set up professional prevention efforts, All Pest Solutions is ready to help. Our professionals can provide you with a consultation and plan to keep your home pest-free for years to come.