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Termite Elimination Experts in Nashville, TN

April 24, 2023 All Pest Solutions Termites
Termite Elimination Experts in Nashville, TN

In the Nashville area, we unfortunately have several different types of pests that can pose a threat to your home and property. Insects and other creeping creatures can create damage and make your home feel unclean. Among the most destructive of these are termites which can invade your home and often go undetected for years. At All Pest Solutions, we consider ourselves the termite elimination experts to safely and effectively eradicate these creatures from your home.

Preventative Termite Control Treatment Options

Preventative treatment is the best option to keep your property termite-free. We recommend the Sentricon System to provide a protective barrier by installing bait stations around the perimeter of the home. Customers like this system for several reasons:

  • Non-invasive and discreet since it is in the ground
  • Provides longterm continuous protection
  • Inspected on a quarterly basis
  • Safe for family members and pets
  • $250,000 damage repair warranty
  • Effectively eliminates termite colonies

All Pest Solutions uses the Sentricon System and can provide you with all the information you need to see if this system is right for your home.

Current Infestation Treatment Options

If termites are found in your home, it is recommended that you call a professional to provide elimination services. An expert can identify any problem areas and ensure that all colonies have been eradicated so the pests to do not return to cause additional damage. Treatment options for current infestations may include:

  • Termiticide - These are specialized pesticides for termites that may be in liquid or foam form to eliminate termites on contact.
  • Bait and Monitoring Systems - These are considered more eco-friendly than termiticide sprays since they are systematically placed in targeted locations.
  • Gas Fumigation and Tenting - A professional may recommend a full fumigation of a widely infested area. This is an effective method to kill existing termites, but does not provide protection agains future infestations.

When choosing a treatment options, you should discuss with your specialist all the options and potential affects on your health and home.

Choosing a Pest Control Specialist

If you suspect you have a termite problem or would like to discuss preventative measures you can take to keep your home pest-free, you want to find a reputable and dependable company to service your needs. A high quality exterminating service will:

  • Be experienced in providing expert service in the pest control area you need
  • Have technicians that are licensed and insured
  • Provide chemical and non-chemical options
  • Offer ongoing care for long-term pest control
  • Be able to provide references for satisfied customers
  • Recommend modern and eco-friendly solutions to pest control needs

All Pest Solutions prides itself on meeting all of these criterion and beyond. We seek to provide the least invasive solutions and provide safe and effective services for all our customers. Our team of technicians are the termite elimination experts in Nashville and can efficiently provide preventative or treatment options for termite infestations around your home. Contact us today to discuss having one of our experts provide a consultation and equip you with the information you need to be confident in your pest control choices.